Our Story

Gorilla Furniture is an Egyptian Furniture company that was formed in 2017 after 12 years of experience in furniture production. We work with furniture experts from all over the world to produce outstanding quality products at very competitive prices for all around your home including the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchens and outdoor furniture Our team of interior stylists draw their inspiration from the most exciting global trends within the interior design field with the aim of bringing you the most attractive and affordable furniture at a price that anyone can afford no matter your age, style and size of home and income! When you buy from Gorilla Furniture the service doesn’t stop once you take your furniture home. From the design stage to the delivery stage & beyond. We are passionate about furniture and this passion is reflected in our fantastic returns & furniture maintenance policies.
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What we do for you?

To consistently deliver outstanding quality and service at the lowest possible price and we pride ourselves on our innovation towards the latest fashion trends and our exceptional customer service we provide to our customers.
To provide the best furniture buying experience.

We care about customers and are always in contact with all customers 24/7 to facilitate the shopping process through our website and solve any problem facing the customer.

Our Goal is to constantly keep improving our furniture catalog and innovating new collections to suit the latest fashion trends and to keep utilizing customer feedback into creating outstanding furniture that will leave an imprint in your house.
* Innovation
* Stylish designs
* Quality maintenance

Hour Of Operation

Saturday: 12-6 PM
Sunday: 12-6 PM
Monday: 10-6 PM
Tuesday: 10-6 PM
Wednesday: 10-6 PM
Thursday: 10-6 PM
Friday: Closed
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